If you are new to running, this is going to sound ridiculous.  You have barely started running, and now I’m going to suggest you join a running club.  Bear with me.

One of the great things about running is that you can do it alone.  Many of us enjoy running precisely because it gives us a little time to ourselves.   But there are also significant benefits from being a member of a running club.   Running clubs are not full of super‑fit, super‑fast athletes; nor are they full of serious runners. You don’t have to get fast before you join: whatever your standard, you will be welcome, and you will almost certainly find that there are plenty of members who run more slowly than you do.

There are a number of benefits from joining a running club:

  • by arranging to meet with other runners, you will be encouraged to run regularly, and this will make it easier to continue running;
  • you’ll get advice from experienced runners on how to start running, how to avoid injury, how to improve, good routes to run in your area, how to enter events, how to run at different speeds and over different distances, and so on;
  • you will get motivation and enjoyment from running with other people, and you will find that the miles slip past on your long runs as you chat with new friends;
  • you will meet people with a similar passion for exercise and running;


We have weekly training sessions on a Tuesday/Thursday evening at 6pm (5:45pm in winter) and 6am (6:30am in winter) on a Saturday morning. Wear reflective clothing and headlamps as it gets dark in the evenings.

For more information contact us.

Great club..good team spirit ..encouraging leaders.