For many years Spartan Harriers has been developing young athletic talent. Our development and junior Coach Michael Faulmann has had this hope for this to become a formal offering of the club as part of a greater community vision.

We hope to create a sustainable platform whereby young talent can be identified ,developed and supported in a community environment.

From this initiative we also hope to create community role models and leaders, for aspiring young athletes to relate to and aspire to.

There is power in community and there is power in the camaraderie of sport – when brought together we have the opportunity to bring about change. Our vision at Spartan Harriers is to be able to make our grass roots junior program accessible to aspiring athletes from all communities and social, economic backgrounds.

Healthy body and mind, the mantra of many an athlete, yet not all our development athletes have the resources or opportunities to access the correct nutrition, training kits, coaching or role models.


There are so many more ways for you to be able to assist us, and we appreciate each and every contribution and effort towards us achieving this vision. Download our Spartan Academy 17 document for more information on how you an get involved.