On Saturday past I arrived at the club to find this group of runners there
They were very very loud and very frisky
I discovered that the reason for this was because they had all been drinking

Fast forward to 22 September it’s the night before the race
Everyone is carbo loading hoping for a great pace

Race day clothes are hung out with the greatest of care
The vaseline, prep, watches and running vests are all there

We learned from Giscard at Cango that on race days he gets up super early —
Want to know why?
Because Vaseline to many parts of his body he needs to apply

Good advice for runners doing long races
Because believe me one can chafe in the strangest places

When you are running don’t think about the distance, rather think about the
When you finish this race and you will be able to relate to others your very own

Once it’s done and dusted you deserve to boast
And I look forward to seeing all your social media posts

The many weeks of training was tough, but sometimes it was fun
Hill repeats, fartleks and long runs were done

Hydration intake has all been perfected – And thankfully no major aches & pains have been detected

Race day will arrive and runners will fill the streets
And into your busses you will eagerly retreat

Setting your watches as you run through the start
We bid you all a good race admiring your dedication and heart

As the kilometres pass by you run with all your might
Water stations will become a very welcome sight

The crowds are all cheering and having a good time
Giving runners high fives all the way down the line

Cheers from the crowd as the Spartans go through
Along with shouts of Go Spartans – Aahooo

The ability to run those extra kilometres lies between your ears
Remember that as the finish line with its gleaming medals draw near

Endorphins are all dancing around in your head
It’s time to celebrate and then collapse onto your bed

May your running always be such a wonderful delight
Happy running to one and all and to all of you good night!

by Allizon Sangster