Last week we honoured one of our longstanding members, and Spartan Harriers most famous and loved runner, Boet, by naming our bar after him, as well as presenting him with his license number, being his year of birth. What a wonderful role model for the running community.

Read Boet’s letter of appreciation below.

” Hi John, thanks very much for going out of your way to get me my special
2018 license no, 1942. Do appreciate it, many thanks.

Re the naming of the pub as Boet’s Bar, what a lovely gesture. Unfortunately, my in pronto speech did not do Justice to what Spartans
did for me and how I appreciate it. I never thanked the folks on the committee, who did so much towards the renaming and honouring me. I want to convey my thanks to all who made this wonderful gesture
possible.And to all the Spartan members, old and present, a big thank you for making an old member proud to be a Spartan. We went through bad times in the 70s when we only had about 25
members, to what we have today.

And even though I do not get involved at committee stage, I hope I can help out with advice on keeping Spartans going, as a wonderful club with wonderful members and a wonderful committee, we are blessed and must hang on to our members, and committee. In the 41 years that I have been with the club, through thick and thin.We have never had such a wonderful Gees at the club as now, and I must say the ladies have a lot to do with it, apart from them all looking great, and making the other clubs jealous, we love them all and without them, we would be dead. 

In the 70s there were very few ladies, and they did not look like our  ladies today, so guys look after our girls, Here’s to a great 2018

Thank you

A big thank you to Johann Koopman for capturing the moment!