Once again well done to all the Walkers who braved the elements and Walked on the night. 

Those mentioned above are true Spartans and there appears to be strong completion in the front of the pack and another highly competitive group is the 39 minute people. Note there is a gap between 35 and 39 minutes walkers which I assume was filled by a number of Runners. That is the problem of being boxed in. I know the feeling ladies but I am sure that this is a once off and you will be close to the Anne Stead. That little lady really moves.

Position Name Time
Pam James 32:01:47
2 Gail Williams 32:03:25
3 Hilton Donson 33:29:58
4 Roy Whyte 35:07:54
5 Anne Stead 35:07:54
6 Marlene Thomas 39:09:44
7 Allison Petersen 39:19:25
8 Anne Race 39:26:59
9 Dave Kirby 40:02:19
10 Peggy Reid 40:23:61
11 Helen Botes 40:44:24
12 John Hotston 41:36:76
13 Ronnie Adams 42:09:68


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